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Baby and Toddler Toys

  • Waterproof-Color-changing-Bathroom-LED-Light-Toys-in-Tub-Pond-Pool-Spa-Hot-Tub-Bathtub-Floating-LampWaterproof-Color-changing-Bathroom-LED-Light-Toys-in-Tub-Pond-Pool-Spa-Hot-Tub-Bathtub-Floating-Lamp

    Waterproof Color changing Bathroom LED Light Toys in Tub Pond Pool Spa Hot Tub Bathtub Floating Lamp

    Watertight plastic with water-safe LED light display. Suitable for ages 3 and up to bath; Battery: 4.5 V ; 3 * AAA batteries.(Not included!) A balancing cap is included so you can float it in your bath.
    There are ultra-bright LEDs with different sequences which you can change between by pressing the button on the side ensure you never tire of one particular show, whilst giving you the option to select a display to suit the occasion and your mood.
    Attractive light patterns project 360 degrees around the room, covering the walls with colour, giving you a soothing mood light as well as a fantastic underwater disco ball.

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  • Vktech-Underwater-LED-Disco-AquaGlow-Aquarium-Glow-Light-Show-Pond-Pool-Spa-Hot-Tub-LightVktech-Underwater-LED-Disco-AquaGlow-Aquarium-Glow-Light-Show-Pond-Pool-Spa-Hot-Tub-Light

    Vktech® Underwater LED Disco AquaGlow Aquarium Glow Light Show Pond Pool Spa Hot Tub Light

    It’s PARTY TIME !!! With the Party in the Tub light, all kids LOVE bath time! Made of an incredibly durable, watertight plastic, the Party in the Tub light sets off an LED light show to keep the little ones entertained while they get clean
    Party in the Tub light comes with three different light shows so the party NEVER stops!
    The Party in the Tub light is made of durable plastic, with a watertight and water safe long-lasting LED light display

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