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Home Security Systems

  • SABRE-Dorm-Apartment-Security-Alarm-Kit-Includes-Wedge-Door-Stop-Alarm-Personal-Keychain-Alarm-and-Wireless-Window-Alarm-with-LOUD-120-dB-SirenSABRE-Dorm-Apartment-Security-Alarm-Kit-Includes-Wedge-Door-Stop-Alarm-Personal-Keychain-Alarm-and-Wireless-Window-Alarm-with-LOUD-120-dB-Siren Sale!
    £17.77 £12.78

    SABRE Dorm Apartment Security Alarm Kit – Includes Wedge Door Stop Alarm, Personal Keychain Alarm and Wireless Window Alarm with LOUD 120 dB Siren

    ATTENTION-GRABBING – extremely loud alarms helps wake/alert homeowner or renter, helps deter intruder and possibly notifies neighbors that an intrusion has been detected; 120dB Door Stop Alarm featuring non-skid pad audible up to 1,000 feet (300M) away, 120dB Door or Window Alarm audible up to 750 feet (230M) away, and 110dB Personal Alarm audible up to 500 feet (150M) away
    EASY INSTALLATION – battery-operated with no wiring needed; Door Stop Alarm requires 1x9V battery (not included); Door or Window Alarm requires 4xLR44 batteries (included) and sensors mount on either side of alarm; Personal Alarm requires 3xLR44 batteries (included)
    ATTRACTIVE, CONSUMER-PREFERRED HOME SECURITY – superior to other home security products, the premium white Door Stop Alarm and Door or Window Alarm look great inside your home

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  • SABRE-Personal-Self-Defense-Safety-Alarm-on-Key-Ring-with-LOUD-Dual-Alarm-Siren-Heard-up-to-500-ft150-meters-Away-To-Use-Pull-Metal-Chain-from-BaseSABRE-Personal-Self-Defense-Safety-Alarm-on-Key-Ring-with-LOUD-Dual-Alarm-Siren-Heard-up-to-500-ft150-meters-Away-To-Use-Pull-Metal-Chain-from-Base Sale!
    £9.99 £5.00

    SABRE Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring with LOUD Dual Alarm Siren Heard up to 500 ft/150 meters Away. To Use, Pull Metal Chain from Base

    ATTENTION-GRABBING – 110 dB alarm helps call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker (audible up to 500 feet/150M away)
    VERSATILE AND USER-FRIENDLY – this sleek, compact modern design keychain attaches to backpack, purse or keys for convenient, instant access, plus greater value with built-in LED light and batteries included (requires 3xLR44)
    SIMPLE TO USE – pull metal chain from device to sound 110 dB alarm

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