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Cabinet Accessories

  • AVANTEK-10-LED-Night-Light-Wireless-Motion-Activated-Sensing-with-Magnetic-Strip-Stick-on-Anywhere-Battery-OperatedAVANTEK-10-LED-Night-Light-Wireless-Motion-Activated-Sensing-with-Magnetic-Strip-Stick-on-Anywhere-Battery-Operated

    Under Counter Lighting, AVANTEK ELF-L1 Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting, Motion Sensing Led Light and Stick-on Anywhere (Battery Operated)

    Motion-activated & energy saving – the light only turns on in darkness as it responds to nearby motion, making hallways and children’s rooms safer. If there’s no movement, sensors turn off the light after 15 seconds, conserving energy and ensuring long battery life
    Easy to use and install – anywhere! 3M adhesive can be quickly mounted wherever you need extra light, making closets and cabinets easier to access and stairways safer. Portable battery power gives you unlimited choice in installation locations
    Automatic switch and dual sensors – provides light when you need it. A light sensor detects ambient light and remains off during daytime or in bright conditions. When in darkness and set to automatic, advanced passive infrared sensors detect motion within a one meter radius

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