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Alarm Clocks

  • Kwanwa-Small-Desk-BedsideWall-Digital-LED-Alarm-Clock-With-Big-12-LED-Time-DisplayAA-Battery-Powered-OnlyCan-Be-Placed-Anywhere-Without-A-Cumbersome-Cord-Black-ColourKwanwa-Small-Desk-BedsideWall-Digital-LED-Alarm-Clock-With-Big-12-LED-Time-DisplayAA-Battery-Powered-OnlyCan-Be-Placed-Anywhere-Without-A-Cumbersome-Cord-Black-Colour

    Kwanwa LED Digital Alarm Clock Battery Powered Only Small for Bedrooms/ Wall/Travel With Big 1.2” Red Digits

    Battery Operated Only—This digital clock is powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries only (not included), which can keep the time display for more than 12 months.
    Bright True LED Time Display—The 24hour light up 1.2″ large led time numbers can let you check your time clearly from a distance or even in the dark and without any operations.
    3 Levels of Brightness& Auto Dim—There are 3 levels of brightness for your options (day time) and the clock will enter into Night-mode and dim automatically at 8:00pm~6:00am.

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  • Alarm-Clock-with-Battery-Backup-and-SnoozeWhiteAlarm-Clock-with-Battery-Backup-and-SnoozeWhite Sale!
    £59.99 £33.99

    Digital Alarm Clock, Alarm Clock for Bedrooms,with Battery Backup and Snooze(White)

    DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK WITH 4 LEVELS OF LCD DIMMING – 3.2 inch LCD large font display for easy readability during the day or at night and has 4 brightness levels easily adjusted by tapping the big button.
    SAFE & FAST CHARGING – dual front panel USB charging with 3.1A total power(1 x 2.1A ,1 x 1.0A). Built-in surge protection to protect against overcharging, surges and overheating, ensuring the delivery of steady power output to each device.
    SNOOZE OPTION AND GRADUAL WAKE ALARM – with snooze functions, afford you a few extra minutes of sleep.Begins with a subtle, low volume that gradually increases to a higher volume to gently wake you up.

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  • Kwanwa-Electric-LED-Alarm-Clock-With-Big-12-LED-Time-DisplayAA-Battery-Operated-OnlyCan-Be-Placed-Anywhere-Without-A-Cumbersome-CordWhite-ColourKwanwa-Electric-LED-Alarm-Clock-With-Big-12-LED-Time-DisplayAA-Battery-Operated-OnlyCan-Be-Placed-Anywhere-Without-A-Cumbersome-CordWhite-Colour Sale!
    £24.99 £18.79

    Kwanwa Energy Efficient Small Digital Led Alarm Clock (White) Home or Portable Design | Battery Operated / Powered only | Loud, Clear Sounds | Vintage Style

    Powered by 4 x AA alkaline batteries can keep the big 1.2” LED time display more than 1 year.?We don’t advise you to use rechargeable battery inside this clock, whose voltage may be below the level and can’t match the clock well.)
    3v ,battery powered,battery operated,quiet,illuminated,4 Digit, Led electronic alarm clock.
    Bright LED time can be see at day and night,The clock will dim about 10% automatically during 8:00p.m— 6:00a.m.

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  • Kwanwa-Electric-LED-Alarm-Clock-With-Large-14-Red-LED-Numbers-Display-Battery-Operated-OnlyCan-Be-Placed-Anywhere-Without-A-Cumbersome-CordKwanwa-Electric-LED-Alarm-Clock-With-Large-14-Red-LED-Numbers-Display-Battery-Operated-OnlyCan-Be-Placed-Anywhere-Without-A-Cumbersome-Cord Sale!
    £25.99 £19.59

    Kwanwa Portable Electric Alarm Clock With Large 1.4” Red LED Numbers Display Battery Operated Only,Can Be Placed Anywhere Without A Cumbersome Cord (Pearl White)

    Use 2 pcs size D alkaline battery can keep LED time display about 18 months.Average operating current of this clock is less than 1.7ma ,W/o USB cable or power wire.
    3v ,battery powered,quiet,illuminated,4 Digit,auto dim,LED electronic alarm clock.
    Big bright 1.4″red LED time display,12/24 hour display,with snooze alarm,one very loud daily alarm can be set.LED display will dim about 10% automatically during 8:00p.m— 6:00a.m.Touch to stop alarm

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  • Lexon-Flip-OnOff-Alarm-Clock-Silver-GrayLexon-Flip-OnOff-Alarm-Clock-Silver-Gray

    Lexon Flip On/Off Alarm Clock Silver Gray

    Patent design Alarm Clock with snooze light
    Rubber coated ABS material
    Turn Alarm on or off by simply flipping the clock

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  • ZJchao-Big-Time-Clocks-LED-Digital-Alarm-Countdownup-Clock-with-RemoteZJchao-Big-Time-Clocks-LED-Digital-Alarm-Countdownup-Clock-with-Remote

    ZJchao Big Time Clocks LED Digital Alarm / Countdown/up Clock with Remote

    MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CLOCK: Time display has two mode, 12 hours display or 24 hours display, button the MODE to change it; the calendar display can know the date easily to arrange an appointment for yourself; it also can measure the temperature of the room where the clock in accurately; the alarm function can remind your get up. You can turn off the alarm with the button behind the clock.
    IMAGE CLEAR: Crystal clear and easy-to-read blue/green/red/white numbers and letters stand out against a black background, providing very good contrast especially at night. Gives the children a sense of security and provides convenience for the elderly at night. This clock is also helpful for older people or people with low vision.
    ENERGY SAVING, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, NO SOUND GENERATED: It is entirely LED lights up, one LED on each dot, the light is very soft and works as little night light, it also can be read in a long distance which is very different from the traditional digital clock. No heat generated, the power consumption is less than 1.5 kWh per month, no radiation.

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