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Painting, Drawing and Art Supplies

  • Huion-235-Inch-Tatoo-Tracing-Light-Table-LED-Light-Box-A3Huion-235-Inch-Tatoo-Tracing-Light-Table-LED-Light-Box-A3 Sale!
    £89.99 £67.49

    Huion 23.5 Inch Tatoo Tracing Light Table LED Light Box – A3

    AC Powerd – Brightness: 730.80 cd/m2; Super Bright LED light provides a perfectly even illuminated surface, Illuminate Uniformity 84.5%
    Compacta and Elegant Design, with HUION eyesight-protected technology
    Emits very little heat when using, suitable for long hour working

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  • Huion-177-Inch-Rechargeable-LED-Tracing-Artcraft-Light-Pad-Portable-Light-Box-LB4Huion-177-Inch-Rechargeable-LED-Tracing-Artcraft-Light-Pad-Portable-Light-Box-LB4 Sale!
    £79.99 £59.99

    Huion LB4 Wireless Battery Powered Artists Tracing Light Box – 17.7 inch

    Maximum Brightness – 1500 Lux, which is brighter than the Huion L4S; Illuminate Uniformity 1280 cd/ m2 (AC powered), 544 cd/ m2 (battery powered)
    Battery/USB Mode Available – Enjoy the convenience of working wirelessly at anywhere you like with the built-in battery, works for approx 5 hours when fully charged
    Adjustable Brightness – Gradual Light Changing with Touch Sensitivity, simply a better way to find your ideal lighting

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  • Huion-2362-Inches-Light-Box-LightPad-with-Ball-Panel-Stand-PadPucks-and-Tracing-PaperHuion-2362-Inches-Light-Box-LightPad-with-Ball-Panel-Stand-PadPucks-and-Tracing-Paper

    Huion 23.62 Inches Light Box with Ball Stand and Tracing Paper

    The Whole Light Pad dimension including Black Frame is 19*14 Inches With Diagonal of 23.62 Inches. The Illuminated is 17.3*12.6 Inches With Diagonal of 21.46 Inches
    Adjustable Brightness — simply press the touch switch for several second untill the brigness you want (From Bright to Dark)
    Memory Feature — smart memory the brightness of your last use

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  • Copic-Markers-Comic-Master-Light-Table-A3-SizeCopic-Markers-Comic-Master-Light-Table-A3-Size Sale!
    £227.38 £225.11

    Copic Markers Comic Master Light Table, A3 Size

    Solid state led lights, long lamp life 50,000 hours of use 
    Smooth, rounded edges for comfort, thin profile, durable acrylic surface
    One year warranty 

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  • Huion-Extra-Thin-light-PAD-LED-Drawing-Copy-Tracing-Stencil-Board-Table-Tatoo-Pad-Translucent-Light-Box-L4S-and-LB4Huion-Extra-Thin-light-PAD-LED-Drawing-Copy-Tracing-Stencil-Board-Table-Tatoo-Pad-Translucent-Light-Box-L4S-and-LB4

    Huion A2 A4 B4 LB4 L4S Ultra Slim LED Tracing Pad Table Light Box

    Provide ideal working lighting environment for penmanship and design. Provide the most comfortable lightning environment for animators, designers, art enthusiasts.
    Dimmable touch button technology helps to achieve the ideal light level.
    Super thin and super convenient, masterpiece design.

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  • Carnival-Light-Ampersand-Ice-CreamCarnival-Light-Ampersand-Ice-Cream

    Carnival Light & Ampersand (Ice Cream)

    Carnival inspired stylish ice cream ampersand light!
    Measures aprox 21cm x 23cm x 5cm
    Can sit on its base or be hung up

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